(321) 250-2647 info@frankfind.com
(321) 250-2647 info@frankfind.com

Affordable Advertising with Proven Results

Successfully Market Any Product, Service, or Opportunity.

At last—a service that offers high returns, low maintainence, and professional knowledge

On advertisements, websites, emails, designed for your business!


Priceless Results & Feedback

Straight to the Point

There’s nothing quite like it. Your Social Media is managed for you, with Advertising services to boost your audience engagement and trust throughout all your channels. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And even this budget will triple on your return on investment or your money back!

Lightens Your Workload

No more sleepless nights from working overtime

With our sales writing, advertisement setup, landing page creation, and advanced email workflow design, you won’t have to waste time with any coding or CAN-SPAM problems from FrankFind!

From a Marketer to an Owner,

a personal note

Often a doubt and a risk, Dave survived all odds.


It only took Facebook advertisements and multiple Google Map edits—including small website tweaks on SEO—to enjoy what he always wanted in his business. Featured on Ratchet+Wrench based on his marketing strategy.

Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

"The Monthly FrankFind Update Analysis"

In 30 Days, you’ll receive a detailed report on our analytics and performance, based on your marketing campaign from your project.

A New Way of Looking at Data

Overcome & Adapt

Understand your audience to a whole new level. Breaking down demographics and psychographics to strengthen your position and brand in selling your products.

Advertisements. Runs on heavy budgets. Plugged directly to your credit card.

Take it easy on the spending! Let’s think this one out for a second. Do you want to spend less on your advertisements and bring in HIGH returns?

Forget what you’ve heard about Facebook Advertisements. You pay for performance. 

How well your advertisements, services, products, everything connected to the lifeline of your sales is on FrankFind.


Read our latest story on our services here.

a service like this would cost thousands, even millions....

not only to deliver the right message to your targeted audience

but to minimize advertising costs per lead—your potential client

Why FrankFind?

"What's the catch?"

There is no catch. Only less time to spend on your hands by your marketing experts. Schedule a call with us today to see if you qualify for our special 10 day offer on Facebook Marketing.

Open to fresh questions

Unclear about how this service will help?

You are free to contact us for any questions you have for us. Our door is open to you.

Social Media? Really?

"Egads! Another social media expert posting funny cat pics!"

Social Media pays for itself many times over. The best part about it is that stays with you forever. Your account will build more progress and influence over your brand. Today, this service may cost more, but it’s worth more.

Trouble-free Contracts

Safe and Simple

Monthly fees with no risk or obligation whatsoever.

And how does FrankFind charge these services?

We charge per sale, call, email, made for your business. Without a sale, call or other related revenue generating situation made here, you only pay us when we perform for your advertisements!

So you know you won’t waste a single dime on a bunch of monkeys staring at a computer screen!

Still not sure on our professional hands on your advertisement–where you pay based on our performance? 

Try our Facebook advertisements and spend less on your advertising budget. Up to 10 days, this service is free. With back-end sales funnel support provided to you.

A double guarantee on your advertising, marketing, and SALES?

Don’t wait any longer. The sooner you act, the sooner your phone rings from another client who wants your professional advice. 

Find out for yourself.

If I met Frank before my first two years of my auto repair shop, I would have enjoyed more of my free time with family sooner. Now I have his digital marketing expertise pushing more clients to my business without having to send out fliers everyday.

Dave Rasput
Unlike less reputable social media services, we assist our client's needs on their business

A limited time offer only made in FrankFind!

All we’re asking is that you give us a try, before our seats are full!