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Why You Are Losing Traffic Without This Simple Social Media Trick

What Is a “Hashtag”?

Tags are like categories. You want to cut corners. Get to the good stuff. No fluff. As if you just clicked a link to a google search on a social media page. Everyone’s talking about it. #goodday #THT #Nightparty. You’re a busy man (or woman) You don’t want to get lost in the confines of the web. Any deeper and you’re headed to the dark web.

But this isn’t what hashtags are all about. Hashtags are keywords used throughout Social Media. People refer to hashtags because it’s a tag they want to provide to the information that was added to their article. I might even use a hashtag to this article to help with my article’s rankings within the Social Media search engine. What if you were the business ranked first for that article? You become the person of interest. The authority on the subject.

It’s definitely worth trying. In fact, you want to use hashtags with the least amount of traffic. You place yourself different from the industry you’re trying to attract. Taking your information journey on another level. It doesn’t require in-depth research, just experimenting. You try one post and target a few tags that are of similar interest. Then you change up the tags into something different. Play around with what you have at your disposal, it will benefit your search rankings. Activity comes into play for hashtags.

You want the most relevant with the most active content creator around, right? Go for it. Claim the title. The job is yours to dedicate that kind of service. The problem with this is, it requires another person to handle that type of workload. Social Media Management is more than just posting, scheduling, and browsing. A digital marketer is a position that places your traffic, organic or paid, into action.

Throw some cookie tracking software, Facebook pixels, whatever you can do to add into the mix. It’s fun to see what works and what doesn’t. And yet, everyone is looking for that quick fix. Take some time to test your posts on Social Media. One day, you might post something of interest and a customer may come to you for some questions. Those questions may convert to that person becoming a potential client or not. The fact of the matter is, you create this feedback system for your business.

Another process managed by someone else. This system can branch out into small twigs and leaves. I’ll reserve article idea for another day. Going back to this feedback system, the tags communicate with the people you are attracting to your company. It’s simple, condensed to a keyword, and gives curiosity to the reader. You don’t want to miss an opportunity of having a potential lead glance at a headline AND a related tag/topic, do you?

You may have missed out on an extra source of income here. Up to $100,000! What if you had this system set up for you, having a professional marketer manage your traffic for you? By the time you read this article, you must have written “x” amount of numbers multipled by the price of the sale. This is marketing at work. If you apply Social Media Marketing to this equation, there is an extra source of income that these old-timers are missing out on.

When will you write your next article? What will this article be about? Who will see the article you just posted? Create the attention you want on Social Media and write a post today. Remember, hashtags are just tags placed as categories. It will work even better to add some curious creativity behind it.