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(321) 250-2647 info@frankfind.com

Pilot Episode Behind FrankFind

As you all know, we are a digital marketing agency who successfully help clients in their internet presence. Fulfilling their needs to land more customers in their business. While the circle will continue to loop on for years on end, strategies change. Some businesses adapt to the next technologies out there. Taking the chance to grow faster than their competitor. Even then, owners may not result to this type of change.

It may come down to print advertising and marketing. This manual labor can come at a hefty fee if your words don’t convert into sales. And at the convenience of your computer, almost anything can be at a demand. People have chosen these online techniques to wrap up their sales quota in a matter of days.

Adapt and Overcome

How do you get out of the loop without sacrificing great amounts of income? Taking small increments and points of risk make the decision easier to do. Picture yourself a customer lifecycle. A big 8×10 poster that takes you from the beginning to the end like the hour hand on a clock, from 12, back to 12. The clock shifts from minutes to hours back and forth with the cogs turning in place. But it’s an antique. This grandfather clock has been running for almost 50 years now!

And guess what?

Some owners have their strategies set in place like this old grandfather clock. Sure, antiques are fine collectables, but they require great amounts of maintenance. This maintenance is a high-costing, time-stealing, limit you place on yourself. The decision is on you to accept the maintenance.

Will it be worth it on the long run?

Yes. It will be another risk you are willing to take, from years ahead of you.

Reduce High Maintenance

Antiques grow old and require more maintenance as the years continue on. Then you have services that take charge in other meaningful tasks. If this grandfather clock was 1000x big—about the size of Big Ben—you have people working inside this machine, to reinforce the systems that run this antique. And think of 10, 20, even 50 people working inside of that antique. What if you could have one person do it all for you?

An opportunity to outsource the work with one person responsible to rely the message to the team. Calls aren’t a problem. Meetings don’t hinder performance or steal time. Other paperwork will throw your desk into chaos.

So what is the risk?

Free services at the cost of placing it all in action.

Sooner or Later

You want the task completed—the right way at that. Without leaving a second pair of eyes on watch 24/7. Watch over the work being done for you like a hawk. A monthly report gives you a reason should you choose to continue or leave it at that.

Graphs, stats, equations. Driven to confusion and assumed truth. Not this report. Straight-forward on numbers you can understand. Your doubt is as good as mine.

If it’s not working out for you, then you don’t have to continue with our marketing services. It’s one of the reasons why we say it’s a risk-free trial.

People would jump on top of each for an offer like this

Imagine if you were the guy crushed by the guy above you, and the other guy above you, and another 6’1, weighing 250 pounds on the two guys above you.

That is how an offer feels like. The $100 dollar bill you happen to find on the floor.

Big Offers

Our offer can amplify your offer. While it sounds like these offers are holding hands with each other, it takes a ladder—something you might not have at the moment—to get over that wall.

The obstacle is creating the connection. The bridge. The gap.

How you close the gap is the arm length we offer you, to make it over to the other side.

Website Agencies

The same can be done for website agencies as well. While their offer puts your website in a new status for your business, your ads shorten the gap. Placing your business and your investment in a better condition that it was when you first started.

You can continue the momentum you’ve built for yourself—from inception—to reality.

Your decision will be better than you can possibly imagine.

But don’t buy if you don’t believe you won’t get the results you desire for your business.

If the numbers don’t match up, cancel the service on the spot. We will help you connect with other workers to give you options for reinforcing your advertisements.

Consulting? We can help you with this too.

Welcome to our agency and our website! May your business, services, products

—even your customers—prosper from our lead generation tactics.