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Why Your Services May Save A Customer’s Life

What would you do with a piece of advice in your inbox?

Take action today?

Keep it in the favorite folder?

Read it 5 times fast?

Sure, blogs are nice, especially for SEO but mail is in demand for packages, coupons, and other giveaways. You may have life saving advice with a damning headline that says “Why People Find Themselves On The Side of a Highway”.

A worse case senarios like this one can leave you with a troubled mind. To wonder if this may happen to you someday.

So if you were the person visiting the auto shop, what would your first worry be?

Huh, I never wondered why this happens to people. I wouldn’t want this happen to my car…so how on earth can I prevent something like this happening to me? I don’t want any unprofessional hands working on my engine, my car, my life.

Yes. It is your life. This car may be your only hope between a 500 mile trip from Virginia to New York. Some states even give you a fine (Obstructing Highway or Passageway is classified as a Class B Misdemeanor, punishable by a term in the Tarrant County Jail of up to 180 days and up to a $4,000 fine) if you cause traffic due to negligence. Serious and expensive mistakes will bring your funds down to a point you’ve never seen it before. Emails are the ones that save people (believe it or not). An open mind is open to more suggestions and possibilities.

Ever wonder what could have happened if you prevented this from happening…

The question still lingers and the newsletter puts a hand out there like no other.

Reel me out Scotty! I need you now. I didn’t believe I needed you last month but now I’ve hit rock bottom and you can do so much for me in a nick of time!

I feel you Scotty. You aren’t sure about this one. It may take you on a wild ride that you may have to regret for months to come. A tempting risk this one is. But Scotty has more opportunity out there with his advice on wireless signals. No mailman required.

All you have to do is sign up for a email marketing software. One you can adjust to and start collecting emails there. With an email at a time, you would be surprised what you can do from this little trick. And think about it, how much does a blog require from you? 500 words? 1000 words?

You don’t even know if that person will look at your blog. Your blog is like the 10,000s apps in the Apple App store. People only need at least 20 apps. Not even 20….. maybe 15 or 10. Who in the world would use 100 apps? 100 blogs? Too many blogs to go through in one day. Direct mail and email are the everlasting tempation people wait for. Just to arrive. You would get so giddy on the first package that arrives to your home.

Find out what you have today. What you can do with it today. A fresh letter ready to be opened.

One special event like this can change your customer’s outlook.

Are you able to make someone’s day with one simple email? This email is worth 50, maybe even 100 words. Heck, you could refer this information over to another article (like sharing mine).

Mouse clicks are engaging. You don’t have to try hard to make the connection real between you and your customer. Keep everything active and engaging.

Write a newsletter for your customer and they will appreciate something new in the mail every day.