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This Simple Local Business Strategy Will Attract More Attention for Your Business—And Keep You At The TOP

A case study for today about Google Maps and Grade.us.

Hey what’s going on guys! This is Franklyn from FrankFind. Today I’m going to talk about one of our clients who used Grade.us for Reviews and Maps SEO to boost up from the competition.

Dave is into the auto industry. While other stores around him were finding it hard to get new customers to come over to their auto repair shop, Dave was the only one in his area that managed to gain enough trust AND buyers.

Now, why did Dave need help on something so small that he could have managed himself?

Let me explain.

All of his workers had their focus the business of repairing cars in the shop. With everything around him being managed by him, he had no time to figure out how it would have been done for him.

Normally small shops like his, don’t own a website or an email marketing service.

Hey there Dave, you don’t really need a website for this. Send us over your emails and we’ll have it taken care for you!

Auto repair and car dealerships are hard to come by. People come for the reviews, to find the first one up on the list.

What Dave started doing, was to collect contact info from every customer he went through.

Remember that white slip the receptionist wanted you to fill out before coming into the doctors office?

Or maybe if you remember filling out a form from someone’s stand, at a convention.

These emails don’t go to the trash you know! Give Grade.us a try by delaying your email send (after they visit) and see how these forms can help build reviews in your belt.

So if you want to skyrocket your local business needs…

Smash the competition like no other.

Everyone is fighting for attention like no other. A red blood ocean. You can imagine what is out there in the world. While you find yourself against all odds. Finding a new ad on your screen or on the billboard.

They keep coming.

They won’t stop. You won’t stop either. Until the guy next door goes down and you’re the last man standing.

Also remember if someone offers you this extra service…

Fake reviews are terrible for business.

When you place fake reviews on your account, you put your business position at risk. And that is a no-go zone. You don’t want to be there when Google takes your profile down.

Stars will fly off the roof when your customers give you a genuine response through this method. You want this for your business because it certainly gives a boost on where you want to go.

Let us know how this strategy works out for you!