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This Small Glitch May Put You Out of Business

And who will fix it—if your wiz kid turns against you?

Folks, this is real. If you want to maintain a healthy website without any problems, listen to this.

Everyone loves free stuff. Even cheap sounds good to outsource it all and place it in the one place this is specifically designed to make you half a million dollars by the end of the year.

Pirates. The one stop shop for hacked plugins, themes, and other goods.

Don’t believe in them? They are real in Wordpress. You may not know where this source exists but if your business is the last man standing down the block, experiencing some technical difficulties, what will happen next?

Over a few months or even years, an investment like this, is a tough risk to handle. And yet, you deal with risk everyday.

Your balance sheet. Your budget. Your rent.

Your light fixtures.

You take costs with a small grain of salt. A heavy amount may pass by you. Now a weeks worth of never-ending headaches, pulsing on the sides of your head.

Relax. Big companies have made it through these grueling battles. Remember, Equifax is going through tough times. It’s not worth watching this experience through your computer screen or even your phone. A small business like yours, should always take precautions. 

How else could I prevent this glitch from happening?

One thing is for certain, you want to make sure the things on your website are paid for. Somebody may pass off as a developer for your website and you know everything is fine and dandy because you got what you came for. What will be your expectations from a brand new website? Will you continue off strong with a fully manned website, ready to encounter any problems along the way?

You know you want the best for yourself. Security will be by your side. Always. When you have two people on the job. Even if one person is capable of completing everything for your business. You want to have tech knowledge on your side for lessening the risk. 

Why Glitches

A sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment. Is it *really* all of a sudden? Or a source found somewhere?

Well, my site got hacked. I don’t know how but it took me two days to recover from it (it was nothing compared to what could have happen).

There was some kind of malware that was redirecting my blog to a Turkish hacker website.
Fortunately, I did a backup some days before it and could solve the problem “easily”.

But this event made me realize that I didn’t care a bit about safety. Now I installed some plugins to do it, and one of those is called Wordfence, I recommend you to install it.

Each day there are more than 10 attempts to hack my site, this is simply absurd.

A fellow friend of mine was a victim of a Wordpress hack. This is what he said about his situation. For bloggers, traffic is important to them. If their traffic increases, they are able to command an audience, up to 100,000 users. You want to keep this audience healthy for your blog website. Your expertise matters the most to them, especially when they may have your website bookmarked to visit you whenever they like.

A Popularity Contest

“Oh! Who is the best person to learn about fitness?”

“This one didn’t even load yet. I’ll check out another website on my Google Search. Hopefully one that has the workouts I need.”



Times like these, you need to stick with the best. To help your investment last longer than it should be. After all, you’ve worked through skin and nail to plant the foundation of your dreams.

Last thing you want to do is keep it inside a time capsule. A forgotten memory that will be remembered for years to come.

Even this feeling gives me the shudders.

It is preventable.

Here, you can visit Wordfence to protect your website from malicious attacks. 

Stay safe out there.