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(321) 250-2647 info@frankfind.com

Stand Above the Rest

Hey guys, today’s topic runs around Stand Above the Rest.

What are you willing to do, to differentiate yourself from your market? What can you do differently that your competitors can’t match up to? Throw some creativity and specialty behind your business. Find a way to solve the problem or even point out the problem. Not many people are concerned about these problems or know that they exist. This is where you come in with your expertise.

Your expertise holds years and years of listening the same customer service pitch that your expertise knows the solution behind it all.

How do you want to represent your message to new customers?

People discuss about simple topics like on Yelp, Review Sites, and Social Media. What small hints and problems can you pick up from your prospects? From the small hints you leave in customer service, to fantastic offers that will leave them happy for a great review. The joy doesn’t stop there. The message carries on to old customers, which will end up in a big thought cloud, something you wouldn’t expect out of a piece of help that most people like to call, karma.

What is working right now and what you can do to expand it?

Is it customer service? Product benefits? Additional services? What kind of value do you want to show your clients?

Previous experiences and pure planning for customers.

What was the best kind of feedback you had received from a customer? What can you do to make that experience happen again?

Save yourself from the danger and benefit what the problem is.

Does this minor problem have a potential of growing into something big and worse?

Make a prediction and recognize an opportunity.

What kind of trends exist in this moment?